Desert Brownie Familiar to Stark Gram


Stark GramFamiliar to Stark Gram. Aquired in The Great Desert of Thar, near the Temple of Ptah.
AC: 3
MV: 12”
HD: 1
HP: 8
AT: #1
DMG: 1-3 or by weapon
SA: Spell @ 9th level of ability; Protection From Evil, Ventriloquism, Dancing Lights, Continual Light, Mirror Image (3 image), Confusion and Dimension Door.
SD: Save as 9th Level Cleric
MR: See SD
INT: High 17
Alignment: Lawful Good
Size: S (1 1/2’ Tall)
Familiar benefit; Magic-user gets an 18 Dexterity, cannot be surprised and +2 to all saving throws
Other skils/abilities; Can make or repair items of wood, metal, leather etc. (see appropriate skill – Specialized); They also make good guides (see Wilderness Survival skill – Specialized) ; Can blend into surrounding using natural surroundings and speed to become invisible.



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