Ailin Edequan

Auburn hair, light skin, green eyes


18.69 STR
14 INT
17 DEX
18 Con
15 CHR

AC 2

Sword, Long magical +1
Bow, Short Black Lotus +1
Balanced Dagger

Paralyze/Poison 12
Petrify/Polymorph 11
Rod, Staff, Wand 12
Breath Weapon 15
Spells 13

Languages – Elvish, gnome, halfling, goblin, hobgoblin, orcish, gnoll, common, thieves cant

47 Hit Points


Trained under her father, he was captain of the Nem’ Ael guard. Her older brothers were known for their strength and prowess as fighters and magic users. She was awarded a position on the Nem’ Ael guard but fell in love with a human adventurer named Wilmark. He taught her thievery and deception. When he left, she went with his party, much to the chagrin of her parents and the entire Nem’ Ael. She travelled with them for several years until one night as they battled 3 trolls, Wilmark was carried off never to be heard from again. She set out to find him and along the way joined another adventuring party that travelled through the plains.

Ailin Edequan

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