The Prophet of Thar
Bachelor Party Game

The party exited the portal on the Vacant Plateau. The party then destroyed the portal. Upon the portals destruction, several party members phased out of, presumably of time. The party that remained could do nothing to stop or find their party and decided to set up camp on the Plateau.
Shortly after the party decided to camp out they were attacked by several Petryton’s. The party dispatched the monsters and located their lair. The party had no further issues on the plateau as they returned to Montavanero, the coastal capital of the Northern State by the same name. This took approx. 2 weeks time.
In Montavanero the party received some monies as promised by Raleigh, the Sage that hired the party originally. The party then accidently released the most powerful Efreeti ever known. The Efreeti easily defeated the parties measures to contain it, and the Efreeti did not grant any wishes and escaped to an unknown location.
Hyperian, a magic-user known to previously associate with The Order entered the city and observed the Efreeti escape into the sky. Hyperian was then greeted by a man claiming to be a Priest of Ptah, the same individual that has been seen in Tellcross speaking with members of The Order and those The Order associated with.
The priest of Ptah trained the entire party and provided a scroll to help them move in a direction to stop the escaped Efreeti. The priest trained the party on two conditions; first the party stops the Efreeti, whatever that means and two that the party donates the training funds to the location where they find the Prophet of Thar.
The party used the scroll provided by the priest of Ptah and traveled to the Great Desert of Thar where they meet up with a sect of men that follow in the ways of Ptah, self proclaimed priests, not clerics though.
The party found and cured Math the Cleric/Illusionist that was one of the standing members of The Order. Math was insane. The party also found and cured “The Last Son of Athena” aka “The Lost Son of Athena” of his insanity. It should be noted that the fact that Artimas was struck insane is a closely guarded secret.
Several priests of Athena from all over Aeternum came to watch the “The First Rising of the Last Son of Athena”, in attendance was a mysterious armored rider of a copper dragon. This Vir was at the lead of the priests.
Artimas rose from years of being protected by a magical spell AND a paralytic poison. When Artimas rose he spoke with the voice of another soul and his eyes were glowing a bright blue. Artimas demanded that the party “Find Shubator, awaken the ashamed and extinguish Ahirimak”, with Ahirimak being the Efreeti the party accidently freed from its prison.
Hyperion then, pulled an artifact dagger and plunged into Artimas’s heart, killing him. The priests of Athena took no action to stop or reprimand Hyperian.
Upon the death of Artimas the most powerful priest of Athena cast an unknown spell on Artimas and sealed the body of Artimas in a sarcophagus. The sect of ptah took no actions during any of these events, other than to help seal the body of Artimas.
The priests of ptah then offered the party use of a library, which the priests of ptah believe was once an ARK of knowledge from the Ancients.
The party is given unlimited access for an unlimited amount of time, at NO cost to the party.

Several questions were researched over several months of time.

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